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EMAC Introduction

EMAC Group Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2010, aims to become a solid one-stop supplier in the power machinery industry. EMAC operating four overseas subsidiaries and owns 10 self-registered trademarks, our products are widely used in which covers energy, maritime, automotive, construction, railways and spare parts.
With years of rich powertrain supply experience, EMAC can quickly understand and respond to customer needs, greatly reducing customer communication costs.
EMAC provides one-stop solutions covers from pre-design to components supply…

emac brand products

EMAC operating four overseas subsidiaries and owns 10 self-registered trademarks, our products are widely used in which covers energy, maritime, automotive, construction, railways and spare parts.

SinoGen - One Stop Generator Set Solution

Truck Mounted Generator

As a important emergency rescue equipment, truck mounted generator has outstanding advantages of mobility and adaptability, with ultra-strong maneuverability ability and ultra-high reliability, its the international standard emergency rescue equipment that plays important role in all emergency tasks, while offering multiple functions including emergency power supply, telcom communication, Broadcasting and Field monitoring function.

Silence Generator

Take full consideration of heat dissipation requirements at upto 55 degree working environment, SinoGen provides high quality silence type generator set solutions, adopting 2mm galvanized plate as the standard canopy material and 4-10mm Q237 steel as basement material, reaching the perfect balance of performance, quality and costs-effective.

Open Type Generator

Based on world-class brand engine, alternator and controller, SinoGen producing high quality open type generator set with affordable Chinese level prices, covering the power range from 20-2000kW.

Trailer Mounted Generator

Considering the moving costs not only truck transportation, need to pay for crank or folklift, trailer mounted generator is a smart choice for customers that need to move generator set around, Sinogen PowerGen’s mobile trailer are meeting 80 kM/h standard...

Containerized Generator

SinoGen producing ultra-strong containerized generator set that particularly designed for rental type generator and generators that need to moving around all the time. All of SinoGen silence generator with over 12 cylinders engines are using containerized generator design.

Super Silence Generator

SinoGen provides high-end super silence generator set that matching ultra-high standard such as Australia rental standard, two layers of base fuel tank,

Optional Items

As one-stop solution provider, SinoGen provides optional items including ATS, Synchronizing Cabinet, Power Distribution Cabinet and other power system related products.

SeaMac - Marine Propulsion and Power System

Marine Electric System

SeaMac offers one-stop solution for high quality standard marine electric system, from control console system to power distribution system, from control system to monitoring & Alarm system, from internal communication system to driving assistance system, all of our products are certified by CCS with very competitive price level.

SeaMac Marine Propeller

SeaMac provides high standard CU1, CU3, CU4 marine propellers as part of our propulsion system, all of our marine propellers are comes with CCS certificate, BV, ABS and other international certifications are also available with additional chargers.

SeaMac Electric Propulsion System

To meet customers environment-friendly requirement, as well as leading the future trends, SeaMac developed our own electric propulsion system, which has been successfully applied to many boats in China, promoting the developing of marine electric proplusion system.

Marine Engine

Focusing on the reliable high-end marine engine only, SeaMac supplying complete propulsion system powered by DCEC, CCEC, HND, Mitsubishi, Volvo, MTU and CSSC marine engines, coupled with gearbox, main shaft and propellers.

Advance Marine Gearbox

SeaMac is the official packager of Advanced Group, Advance marine gearbox products covering ranges from 10 kW to 10000 kW, which has been widely used in fishing boat, carrier, special ships and other types of vessels.

Marine Accessories

From main shaft to rudder system, from sacrificial zinc alloy anode to Seawater desalination system, from fire fighting system to emergency survival equipment, SeaMac provides one-stop solutions for all marine accessories, reduce customer's communication costs.

SeaMac Marine Generator

Powered by world-class engine brand such as Cummins, Doosan, Mitsubishi and Weichai, SeaMac marine generator set offers premium reliable marine power system solution with Chinese level prices.

DuraMac - Premium Integrated Powertrain System

Dongfeng Cummins Engine

Dongfeng Cummins producing different displacement automotive engines including 3.9L, 4.5L, 5.9L, 6.7L, 8.3L, 8.9L, 9.5L, 13L, the power coverage range is 80-680 horsepower, widely used in light, medium and heavy trucks, medium and high-end intercity buses, large and medium-sized buses,

Dongfeng Dana Axle

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Eaton Clutch

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Komman Air Suspension

The lightweight Komen aluminum alloy uses liquid die forging process, which is close to the forging level of the same alloy. At present, the alloy materials used are: A356, A354, KM-HS01, KM-HS02 and other models, among which Burcombe shock absorbers are used for important parts.

CAT AT transmission

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FAST Transmission

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EV PowerTrain

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ConeMac - Reliable Industrial Power System

Hydraulic Gearbox

ConeMac provides various options of hydraulic transmission and torque converter products for customers, including Advance, Shantui and Aerospace Power, to meet different customer requirements from different regions, with the goal of answering the question of high value for money matching solution.

Explosion-Proof Accessories

To meet the strict standard of China MA certification, ConeMac developed a set of explosion proof accessories. From Air intake shut-off valve to power filter, from flame arrester muffler to battery-free start system, ConeMac offers flexible explosion solutions to meet the different safety level requirement.

Perkins Engine

Perkins Engineered Engines are available in open power packs and industrial diesel engines, with a choice of 9 different engine families, and are backed by superb engineering that powers the world.

Cummins Engine

With extremely high value for money, Cummins engines have large market share in global industrial engine business. Cummins industrial engines have a wide power range from 80Hp to 2200Hp, displacement from 3.9 liters to 50 liters, smooth idle operation, excellent power, reliability and fuel economy, and meet the world's increasingly stringent motor equipment emissions standards.

Caterpillar Engine

Caterpillar has more than 300 types of mechanical equipment, and the power range is from 8.2-4920 bkw (11-6598bhp). Caterpillar engines provide a competitive business advantage, helping you deliver the highest quality power to your customers for increasingly demanding jobs.

Deutz Engine

As its core business applications, Deutz engines have large business portion in industrial engine application. Deutz industrial engines are equipped with high speed, high efficiency performance to generate huge productivity for large machinery operations, engine components have strong expertise and flexibility, efficient fuel injection system and electronic control system to connect the engine to ensure the best engine performance.

Explosion Proof Engine

Original from most dangerous working environment, ConeMac's explosion proof engines designed to be used in the underground mining applications, certified by China MA, ConeMac explosion-proof engines have been used in underground mining equipment for over 10 years time.

PumpMac - High End Water Pump Drive Package

Pump Drive Engine

As officially authorized water pump OEM packager, EMAC working closely with DCEC, Deutz and Perkins, provides high-end pump drive power solution.

PumpMac Power Pack

Based on the premium power of world-class brand engines, PumpMac producing complete engine power pack including air intake, air exhuast, cooling, control and power output system.

WPT PTO for Pumps

As an international manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment with a broad range of heavy duty applications, WPT Power has been a leader in the industry, providing superior products of the highest quality since 1992.

Advance Gearbox for Pumps

Hangzhou Advance Gearbox is the leading gearbox brand in China, with speed up gearbox and 2 in 1 out gearbox for water pump application, PumpMac is the OEM developing partner of KSB company for its 2 in 1 out gearbox products line.

PumpMac Power System Accessories

To meet different power system requirement, such as heat exchanger cooling, engine control, reliable engine shut-down, PumpMac developed a series of power system accessories to solve all of customer's problem.

PumpMac Fire Pump Set

PumpMac fire pump sets are widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire protection and other departments. Mainly divided into fire pump set, supplying fire pump set, pressure maintaining fire pump set, deep well fire pump set, submersible fire pump set, portable fire pump set.

PumpMac Water Pump Set

PumpMac provide different types of water pump set for customers as well, include open-frame pump sets, silent pump sets, pump trailers, pump trucks, and pump stations.

RailMac - The interface to Chinese Rail Transit Industry

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EcoMac - EV Powertrain and Conversion Solution Provider

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PartMac - A Trustworthy Engine Parts Partner

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