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How to evaluate the value of a company? Of course the value of any company will comes from the value of the team members. EMAC cherish every single member here at EMAC family, with all talents we have here at EMAC, we are able to make our dreams come true, innovation is the driving force of EMAC, while keeping A Promise is A Promise in mind all the time.
We will have the introduction of core members here at EMAC, as well as latest updating of new members.
What’s the meaning of working? EMAC’s answer is for better life. Working hard, play harder is the attitude we always following. Team building activities are never stop here at EMAC, we are not only chasing for making profit, we also cares what kind of life we bring to our team.
Monthly outdoor events is continuously here at EMAC, with yearly group traveling ongoing.

Global Team News

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Sales Team

Marine Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Train Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Automotive Sales - Mr. Wells Luo WhatApp-Icon

Industrial Sales - Mrs. Kitty Chen WhatApp-Icon

Generator Sales - Mrs. Erica WhatApp-Icon

Pump Sales - Mrs. Ryen WhatApp-Icon

Spare Parts - Mrs. Nora Chen WhatApp-Icon

Sales Manager - Mrs. Wendy Fu

Ventas españolas - Victoria

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee       WhatApp-Icon

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