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About ConeMac

ConeMac is a sub-brand of EMAC Group. Based on industrial engines, it provides complete one-stop power solutions for different types of industrial equipment such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, railways, mining, and oil and gas. Committed to providing reliable power systems for global machinery manufacturer partners.

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About ConeMac

ConeMac is a sub-brand of EMAC Group that focuses on construction machinery applications. It is based on industrial engines and integrates hydraulic components such as advanced transmission systems to provide complete industrial equipment for different types of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, railways, mining, oil and gas. The one-stop solution for power systems, dedicated to providing reliable power systems for global machinery manufacturer partners.

Cummins Engine

With extremely high value for money, Cummins engines have large market share in global industrial engine business. Cummins industrial engines have a wide power range from 80Hp to 2200Hp, displacement from 3.9 liters to 50 liters, smooth idle operation, excellent power, reliability and fuel economy, and meet the world's increasingly stringent motor equipment emissions standards.

Caterpillar Engine

Caterpillar has more than 300 types of mechanical equipment, and the power range is from 8.2-4920 bkw (11-6598bhp). Caterpillar engines provide a competitive business advantage, helping you deliver the highest quality power to your customers for increasingly demanding jobs.

Hydraulic Gearbox

ConeMac provides various options of hydraulic transmission and torque converter products for customers, including Advance, Shantui and Aerospace Power, to meet different customer requirements from different regions, with the goal of answering the question of high value for money matching solution.

Explosion-Proof Accessories

To meet the strict standard of China MA certification, ConeMac developed a set of explosion proof accessories. From Air intake shut-off valve to power filter, from flame arrester muffler to battery-free start system, ConeMac offers flexible explosion solutions to meet the different safety level requirement.

Perkins Engine

Perkins Engineered Engines are available in open power packs and industrial diesel engines, with a choice of 9 different engine families, and are backed by superb engineering that powers the world.

Deutz Engine

As its core business applications, Deutz engines have large business portion in industrial engine application. Deutz industrial engines are equipped with high speed, high efficiency performance to generate huge productivity for large machinery operations, engine components have strong expertise and flexibility, efficient fuel injection system and electronic control system to connect the engine to ensure the best engine performance.

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